No kidding! I really made this makeup during 1AM and 2AM at one night when I was kinda bored, haha. I was inspired mostly of my new mesh shirt from BikBok! Even though it doesn't appear in these photos, there is a big blue flower in the front of the shirt. That's why I used lavender blue and bronze on eyeshadows. Because of the shirt I thought that red wouldn't match with blue so I used MAC's Film Noir on the lips.

Anyway, I'm quite proud of this look because it went so well. Usually when I do my makeups I mess it somehow. At least one of the eyes. Also it has been a while when I last time took photos of my makeup for a blog. The reason is either one of these two: a) I haven't make-up or b) my makeup has been quite natural so it isn't special enough to post it to the blog. But yeah, I hope you like this makeup look as well!

Hat H&M Choker Monki Shirt BikBok Lipstick MAC Cosmetics - Film Noir

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