Long time no see! I have my graduation post coming up, but since I've some kind of writer's block at the moment I decided to post these photos at first! The photos are pretty much overexposed because of the hard light of the sun, but my model Jaska looks so beautiful in the photos so I still ended up posting them.

This photoshoot brings out why I prefer to take photos in outdoors: you have a thousands of different backgrounds to choose from and you just need find out which angle of view works best for your photos. Anyway, these photos are taken under a fake waterfall in Aurinkolahti, Helsinki. We just went to there out of curiosity to take some photos but they turned out pretty well.

Ps. What do you think about a new layout of this blog?

Model(s): Jaska
Assistant: -
Date of photoshoot: 25th of May 2017
Place: Aurinkolahti, Helsinki