As I wrote on my last post, I visited in Stockholm a few days ago (exactly from 15th to 17th of May)! I took some photos there, but what is different this time compared to my usual traveling photos is that I took all of those photos on film! I haven't told you this before, but I bought Fujifilm's Instax mini 8 on last February. So I took all the photos as polaroid photos!

I'm still not used to take the photos with a polaroid camera (and to be honest I've not even taken a lot of them either). Probably that's why most of these photos are overexposed etc. But yeah, that just makes a film photographing so exciting. You never know how your photo will turn out (and you can't even edit it afterwards). But yeah, that's about polaroids! Tell me if you would like to see more polaroid photos in the future, I definitely would like to show more polaroids to you!

So yeah, I was in Stockholm with my family and we spent most of our time in a zoo called 'Skansen'. To be honest I would like to visit in Stockholm again and spent a few days there during a summer while just wandering around in the city. I have visited there many times but all those visits (as on this time) have been a one-day visits. So I really would like to enjoy the beauty of Stockholm.

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