If you read my previous post you may know that I started a new photoshoot series. This photoshoot series contains four photoshoot with 4 models and all photoshoots were taken on the same street at the same time. This post is the second part of the photoshoot series. You can find the first part here.
My only instructions for models were a natural makeup and light-colored clothes so I actually didn't know what everyone were going to wear in the photoshoot (I usually do because I plan every detail in my photoshoots). But it was a good choice since everyone of my models come up with a nice outfit! Anyway, here you have the second photoshoot, Heather!

Model(s): Jaska
Assistant: -
Date of photoshoot: 12th of March 2017
Place: Helsinki


  1. Rakastan kanervia~ (random kommenttini on aina niin 5/5, right?)

    1. Voin myöntää sulle vuoden lopussa 'randomeimmat kommentit' -awardin jos haluut. :D

  2. Tosi kivoja kuvia! :) Tykkään noista merkeistä sun takissa!

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