Hello, Mardis here!
So on Monday I took a bus to visit my friend FuukAron. Because this time we weren't able to go as far as Warsaw, we paid a visit to our neighbor Estonia. Some people might go for a cruise to drink and buy cheapish alcohol but we had a nice (but hell of a windy!) photoshoot. Oh, and bought tons of chocolate..

The theme was punk, I hope you do get those vibes. It was challenging to find backgrounds to shoot, since we wanted beautiful ugly spots or ugly spots in beautiful way. I think we managed quite well, though. Even if seasickness was about to take over.. haha. 

Model(s): Mardis
Assistant: -
Date of photoshoot: 28th of March 2017
Place: Tallinn, Estonia


  1. Toi rimin kassi on kyl tän shootin tähti, eiku~
    This very niceu!^^

    1. Haha joo, en yleensä editoi tällä taval, mut tota punasta vaan ei voinu jättää harmaaks. :D
      Thanks! ^^'