CLC — Hobgoblin

Here's again some makeup looks which I've done.. uh.. I can't say recently but during these last months. On the first look I used some diamonds and actually got a bit inspired of a goth makeup. I don't say it's a goth makeup but I got inspired of those ones. Also lmao, this is how to not blend your eyeshadow, haha. Oh yeah and I edited my eyes because blue eyes looks better with this look.

To the second makeup look I used NYX's cream lipstick on the shade 'Orange County'. Because the lipstick is so neon and pigmented I wore my neon pink sweater from Monki and used some turquoise and pink eyeshadow to line my eyes.

To the third look I wanted to wear my brand new shirt which is also from Monki. I've been looking this kind of turtleneck shirt for a while and finally found a good one from the sale! On this look I used purple, pink and light green eyeshadows as a countour but they don't show that much on this photo, haha.

Which one is your favourite?