It's time to show you my first photoshoot in 2017! Once again I got a bit inspired of Japanese street styles and wanted to have that kind of vibes on this photoshoot. You might find some features from pastel goth or uchuu kei from this outfit even though I made up this outfit on my mind. Actually I just got inspired of KikiGabriella's wig and my new silver skirt.

On my original photoshoot plans the place of photoshoot was different but because of the weather we needed to change our location. That's why we went to take photos to Talvipuutarha (Winter Garden). Even thought the environment wasn't same at all as on my plans, the plants gave nice vibes to these photos.

Model(s): KikiGabriella
Assistant: -
Date of photoshoot: 7th of January 2017
Place: Talvipuutarha, Helsinki

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