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H A P P Y Halloween! You might have noticed that I've posted a cosplay themed photoshoots in this month and it was just because of the Halloween. I love vampires (all kind of them, though Twilight ones were boring) and it was only a matter of time when I would do a photoshoot of vampires. Actually I want to do more vampire themed photoshoots in the future but I think this one is a good beginning.
But yeah, Ino and me were modern and elegant versions of vampires in this photoshoot. No playing with a fake blood or horrible masks. Just black dresses and red eyes. I wanted to have it simple and so we did.

Oh and about my dress (even though you see only the upper part of it): I love it. I guess I'm going to make more photoshoots with that dress so wait for it! I've also bought more nice clothes recently and yeah. I feel good about that. Also my skin is much better than in the summer and I'm going to get a new hair cut soon, yay! Maybe I'm finally going to find my real style.

Model(s): Ino, FuukAron
Assistant: -
Date of photoshoot: 15th of October 2016
Place: Loviisa

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