As the header says I had an autumn inspired makeup a while ago. I would like to do more makeups but my skin condition is really bad at the moment (even though you can't see it since I edit my photos ":D"). So it isn't fun/nice at all to do makeups with that kind of skin.
Anyway, I was cleaning/organizing my wardrobe and I found this wig (which I've had something like 4 years), so I decided to do the autumn inspired look with it. I also thought that I'll change my style a little bit. Actually I haven't had a style for two years(?) but now I've found a style which I would like to have. Let's see if I'll have enough time to take ootd photos in the future but that would be really fun!

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  1. Fuukan uusi tyyli~~
    Dayumn toi lipstick on unelma mut ehkä en itketä mun lompakkoa enempää tällä erää...