Okay, first of all I love Elsa from Frozen. I just fell in love with her when I watched the movie for the first time. That's why I wanted to do my own modern version of this Disney character. I decided to do some kind of photoshoot series of the Disney princesses, but at the moment I've only 2 photoshoots done. Let's see if I've inspiration to do more 'Disney princess' photoshoots in the future. Anyway, here you have the first one.

It was pretty cold on the day of the photoshoot. About -10°C. But we managed to do this photoshoot and I'm really happy about it. Also, Felorah Kitty was a perfect Elsa, wasn't she? Many thanks to Essi as well, since she helped us to stay warm and was holding the reflector.

Model(s): Felorah Kitty
Assistant: Essi
Date of photoshoot: 16th of January 2016
Place: Esplanade Park, Helsinki


  1. Toi kylmyys oikein huokuu noista, silleen hyvällä tavalla!
    Ajattelinki ku katoin noita et oon nähny tällä samalla lookilla kuvia, sit huomasin että se on tammikuulta, hohoo!^^
    But I love love love them pictures~

    1. Haha joo, melkein vuoden vanhoja kuvia nämä. :D
      Ja kiitoksia! ^^'