#083 AMBER

I was reading for an English exam when I noticed the word 'amber' in the glossary. Then I just got a vision of a girl who has an amber necklace, red lipstick and cotton candy colored hair. Of course her name is Amber. I also wanted her clothes to be simple and eyes to be blue or grey. 
And guess what? I managed to make this photoshoot as I imagined it! I'm super happy, because it's so rare that your idea looks same in photos as on your mind. It was also a nice experience to make a photoshoot in abroad! I think this is probably the easiest photoshoot which I've done or at least it was the fastest one. I didn't even have to edit these photos so much than usually I do, haha.

Model(s): Mardis
Assistant: -
Date of photoshoot: 2nd of August 2016
Place: Warsaw, Poland


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