Some time ago I wrote to my summer bucket list that I would like to visit in Tallinn — and I did it! In 29th of June my friend from high school and I went on a day trip to Tallinn. I've noticed these kind of trips are pretty famous at the moment but luckily there were only some families in the same boat (I expected more drunken ppl but well, not then). The weather also were sunny and beautiful so what a nice day to have the day trip.

We mostly just were walking around in Tallinn with my friend and spent our time at the post office and in the restaurant (pretty good food, but too small for the price of meal (10€)). I bought some snacks and 2 lipsticks for myself and also some souvenirs for my lil sis. 

Tallinn were more beautiful than I remembered. Or maybe it was because of summer (last time when I was there it were January of 2012). I don't know, but I would like to visit there again but with more time than 6 hours. Anyway, it's only 11 days and I'll travel to abroad again, yaas! So let's see if I've time to post something before it or not.

Have you travelled in this year/summer and to where? Let me know in the comments! :)

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