This is one of those quickly planned photoshoots, where I ask if Ino would want to take photos with me, only few days before the shooting date and does she has this and that piece of clothing and this and how is her accessories. 
Anyway, this time I wanted to do some kind of futuristic look, so we used my turquoise Viva la Diva lipstick and black turtleneck shirt with mirrored sunglasses. Actually we had no idea where we should take the photos but eventually we ended up on a playground and I think it brought good vibes to the photos.

Model(s): Ino
Assistant: -
Date of photoshoot: 5th of May 2016
Place: Loviisa

By the way I made a new blog. And sometimes I may post photos to there which I don't post to this blog so don't hesitate to click 'follow', haha.


  1. Ohoo, me likeu very much~!!
    Dayumn, nää on siistejä ja leikkipuistot on parasta ikinä *u*