I spent some days in Amsterdam (Netherlands) with my grandma during 26th to 29th of April, so here you have a short travelogue. Amsterdam was pretty nice but not the first place where I would go on vacation. I prefer more those places which aren't such a tourist traps. 

26th of April: We arrived to Amsterdam at noon and spent some hours eating healthy food like pizza and cake while waiting for check in to our hotel. The weather was chilly and it was raining. 

27th of April: It was national day called 'King's Day'. It was like the whole city could be a summer festival, gosh so much noise! Especially in the evening when there was a lot of drunken people. And of course museums and the most of stores wasn't open, so we did basically nothing. We only visited in Vondel Park.
(Photos of this post where taken in that day.)

28th of April: We visited at Madam Tussauds, it was kinda nice place! However there wasn't Johnny Depp even though his photo was in the advertisement so I was a bit disappointed. In the evening we visited at FOAM (photography museum) and well, there was some works which I liked but most of them were just too weird for me to understand.

29th of April: In the noon we went to Italian Restaurant and woah, after a long time I had very yummy seafood pasta. I bought my souvenirs to family and friends (cumin cheese and pretty many Tony's Chocolonely bars) and then we went to airport. 

By the way; there is some photos more of our trip in my instagram if you want to see them~

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