#067 MEOW

Some photos of our cats.
Pesonen • Lempi • Siru • Jeppe

Want to be a model in a photoshoot? I'm still looking for new models*, so if you're interested, send a comment with your e-mail (I'll not publish those comments) or a message in twitter (@Sarjettysydan). You don't need previous experience (as being model), you just need to be ready to give your all when involving the photoshoot as a model.

Want to be a model for my photoshoot?
- you have to be 15 to 22 years old (gender doesn't matter)
- you have to be able to come to capital area of Finland or live in there
- I'll publish the photoshoot photos in the Internet after the shooting, you have to deal with it
- you won't get paid for being a model, because this is just a hobby for me and I'm not a professional photographer nor working for photography studio

That's mostly everything. If you want to know something more, ask me. I won't bite you, haha.