#064 2-IN-1

IU — Zezé

Long time no see! As you can see I changed some things in this layout but this isn't 'the final' layout — I just haven't find a good photo for the header yet. However, I took some photos of myself in January so I'm here to share them with you guys. I edited these photos in different way than I usually do. It may seem that I edited them pretty much, but actually I didn't. Just some basic settings and random 'filter'. That's all. Oh, I also used reflector in these photos! It isn't a big one, but pretty okay with photos where is only model's face or something similar.

Shirt H&M Hat Seppälä Wig Harajuku, Geisha Wigs Lipstick #118 Moon walk, Viva la Diva


  1. I definitely love this session! <3 If I had choose my fav photo I would have a problem. Each of them is perfect. And the idea is great. As I said before, You reminded me mermaid but with that hat I think druid is more suitable. And that make-up... Aww~ Perfect!

  2. WAAAH, ihan sikasiistejä!!! *u*
    varsinkin toi vika on ihan järkyttävän upee!