So I decided to collect all my photoshoots from the year (2014-2015) into one post. They're in order by the shooting date (not by the posting date). I've not improved my "skills" as much as I wanted to, but at least I've learned some new things during this year. The way to my goal as a photographer is still a very long and right now I'm just at the beginning.

Well, I think I still have time to learn new things and become a better photographer. I just need to work harder for it. I hope that in 2016 I'll learn more cool things about photography and I can use them in practice.

So happy and successful new year 2016 to everyone!

(click the name of photoshoot to see all photos)
Life sucks but you're still beautiful | Model(s): Masa | Date: 2014/09/27

The days are black and white | Model(s): Ino, Masa, Mardis | Date: 2014/11/22

The girl in the library | Model(s): Ino | Date: 2014/12/27

Urban Girl | Model(s): Venla | Date: 2015/05/15

Abing Abing | Model(s): Taisa | Date: 2015/05/16

BENEATH THE STREETS | Model(s): Masa | Date: 2015/05/21

Re:BIRTH | Model(s): Mardis, FuukAron | Date: 2015/06/11

Siren | Model(s): Ino | Date: 2015/06/20

ALONE | Model(s): Taisa, Masa, Felorah Kitty | Date: 2015/08/08

LONDON | Model(s): Ino, FuukAron | Date: 2015/09/19

Which one is your favourite? What kind of photoshoots you'd like to see more? Tell me!

✭ ✭ ✭

Want to be a model in a photoshoot? I'm looking for new models*, so if you're interested, send a comment with your e-mail (I'll not publish those comments) or a message in twitter (@Sarjettysydan). You don't need previous experience (as being model), you just need to be ready to give your all when involving the photoshoot as a model.

Want to be a model for my photoshoot?
- you have to be 15 to 22 years old (gender doesn't matter)
- you have to be able to come to capital area of Finland or live in there
- I'll publish the photoshoot photos in the Internet after the shooting, you have to deal with it
- you won't get paid for being a model, because this is just a hobby for me and I'm not a professional photographer nor working for photography studio

That's mostly everything. If you want to know something more, ask me. I won't bite you, haha.

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