Sorry, no photoshoots or anything cool this time, only photos of my life and also some guests here! So Masa, Ino, Mardis and I decided to spend our Halloween together and have a Halloween party. But because I'm pretty poor to tell stories I let my guests to tell about their thoughts of that day. This will be a long post, don't be scared!

Hello! My name is Ino!

So we decided to have a halloween party in October at my place. Mardis and FuukAron came noon and we dressed up in our costumes and put the makeup. I was Harley Quinn. It was a last minute costume but it was okay, except my clothes were maybe too covering to Harley but heheh... Anyway I chose Harley coz she has a colorful makeup and it was funny and easy to make also for my hair; I just made two ponytails.

Then we went outside to take photos. Dark came really fast so it was a bit difficult. But we got some good photos.
After photoshoot we started cooking bibimbap. We made it on our own way and it was delicious. Then Masa came and we listened some good music and talked everything between heaven and earth. And it was already night when we started to make kimbap for breakfast, lol.

In the morning we ate our fabulous kimbap and then Mardis, Masa and FuukAron had to go. But the weekend was amazing and I had so much fun with you.

- Ino

I came, I washed the dishes and I left.
Just kidding, I also ate a lot!

Hi everyone, it's Masa here. My schedule for the weekend was busy, but I gladly there was some space for me to take part in this Halloween get-together. After spending most of the Saturday in the capital city enjoying Kpop Dance Cover Competition, I found my way to bus station and tried to figure out which bus I supposed to take. The problem was that I didn't really know where I was going, direction-wise. Oh well, phone is one handy invention, so I got to the bus right on time and finally got to see this amazing trio and eat the bibimbap they had made. And may I add, it was absolutely delectable!

As for my costume, it wasn't anything special. I needed something that would be practical to carry around during the day and easy to change on quickly. Also it was important that I wouldn't feel cold. So after some pondering the solution came in the form of an addictive song and childhood memories. I put on different coloured striped woollen socks, tied my not-that-long hair in pigtails and faked some freckles. Can you guess it?

Anyway, I'm glad for having seen Ino and Mardis after almost a year and I'm always very glad to see FuukAron! You guys make yummy food, by the way, no wonder almost half of the breakfast-kimbap went down to my tummy. And thank you Ino for sending my winter trousers back after I forgot them, I'll treat you with coffee sometime!

Thanks guys, let's see again soon ♥

- Pippi/Masa

(Sorry, no photos of Masa. You just need to try imagine her and her costume.)

Hello, Mardis here!

I decided to travel to see my long lost dear friends and celebrate some Halloween. Even though my trip was barely one-day long, I loved it. Well who wouldn't love spending time with their dear ones, even if they had to wake up at 3am and sit 6 hours in a bus? Exactly.

We don't really celebrate Halloween in Finland, I wish we did though, but we threw our very own Halloween party at Ino's place with an Asian theme. Just because of the theme, my costume choice was Paprika. No, I don't mean the vegetable. Yes, I mean the anime character. Seriously people, if you enjoy anime and maybe some weird shiat, go watch the movie.

Just kidding.
Go watch it even if you don't like the inception stuff.

Why Paprika? First of all, she has an amazing personality. One of my favourite characters of all time! And the second thing: Because Paprika lives in subconscious and dreams she can be anything, and that gives opportunities to style the costume a bit. So I went as a Paprika, who had woken up in the middle of her hibernation (Since it's quite cold in Finland, hehe.).

I really enjoyed my stay and some of that is because I got to know a new city. We had a photoshoot ok, I don't do that well as a model but I adore goofing of with great people. Making the photoshoot, playing around and getting a sightsee tour with FuukAron and Ino was amazing. Thank you for leading me the way (once again). ^^
Our cooking was something super; kimbap and bibimbap in our style. It was goooood~ Masa came also just in time to do the dishes. Kidding, we left food for my bunk-buddy too.

I'm glad I got change to blabber here, I hope I didn't bore you. ^^'
For my part, I'm thanking you for checking out this post!

- Mardis

Oh btw, my costume was something like "japanese-school-girl-who-is-scary-af". And yeah, the day was 31st of the October, haha. Also, I'm sorry because I'm posting things a bit "late", but damn I'm such a busy person *hair flip*. Anyway, I had my 18th birthday on the 16th of November and I wish that I'm going to buy a new laptop soon, so I would finally be able to post photos more often to my blog. But let's see how long it takes to buy a one laptop, since I need to do a lot of things before that...

Btw if you liked this kind of post, tell it in the comments (below)! I could probably do something like this (guest writer) again in the future, but it depends on you.


  1. Aww! You're so pretty! It looks You had fun this day! And food looks so delicious :D

    1. Thank you so much for this heart-warming comment! ^^' <3