#059 ALONE

This was very different photoshoot (as you can see) of those which I've done before. I wanted to try something different, so I tried to do a storyline for this photoshoot. I also wanted that the whole photoshoot (except the three first photos) wouldn't look like a photoshoot. No general poses, no watching straight to camera, no special editing — like I had taken photos of badass girl gang in streets without them noticing. So for my models it was more like acting than posing, I think.

Still this was only a try-out to me and probably I won't do similar photoshoot(s), because it was hard to come up with a plot. What I mean is I might do photoshoots with storylines, but not in this way. Anyways, we had really fun making this photoshoot, and sometimes I even had to ask models not to laugh so much while taking photos.

I also would like to thank my assistant Essi who carried our stuff, bought many lollipops to us (and coffee to me ♥) and after all helped us very much. I would gone crazy without her so I'm really thankful to her. Also thanks to my lovely models for making this photoshoot possible! All wigs are from Geisha Wigs (magenta: Sugarpie, pink-white: Strawberry Dip, red-black: Queen of Hearts), but nowdays that shop is called to Lush Wigs, if I'm right.

Model(s): Masa, Taisa, Felorah Kitty
Assistant: Essi
Date of photoshoot: 8th of August 2015
Place: Helsinki

Note: Violence isn't a solution to any issue and this was just a photoshoot with a crappy storyline.
Love your friends and be with them in real life too. Peace and love! ✿


  1. no comments :DD
    nah, siitä tuli hieno!! Well done ^u^

    1. "No comments" on varmaan yleisin sanapari mikä lukee mun blogissa. ::D
      Mut kiitoksia, haha. ^^'