#054 Re:BIRTH

NU'EST — Good Bye Bye

According to the original plan this photo shoot supposed to be for myself. But after all I'm really glad that Mardis was also a model in this shoot. The photos of me were so random and I derp very much on them. I don't know, but it was also so weird to be a model to someone after a veeery long time, so maybe I can't do it anymore, lol. But I took pretty nice photos of Mardis, so I'm okay with that.

So, the idea of this shoot is crossplay to NU'EST's Re:BIRTH photo shoot. Aka we did female versions of Baekho (Mardis) and Aron (me). Or at least we tried to. My wig is 'Chestnut' from Geisha Wigs and Mardis' wig is just some shitty wig from ebay. Mardis also made those tattoos with eyeliner to us (I also had a 'JUDGEMENT'' tattoo on my chest.).

Model: Mardis, FuukAron (me)
Date of photo shoot: 11th of June 2015
Place: Malmin hautausmaa (Malmi's cemetery, Helsinki)

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