It's been a long time since I've talked about myself on my blog. I just don't want to write that much of myself, because my life is pretty boring actually — and that's why I'm just posting photos of photo shoots. They're actually the most exciting moments in my life, lmao.

Anyway, in June I've met some of my friends (Hi Taisa, Nora, Eemeli, Ino and Mardis, hehe). Because of photo shoots or/and just because they're my friends. I've been photographing nature, reading many books and I've played The Sims 3. Yup, that it is and it's kinda boring to write about it in every day/week to my blog, so that's why I'm not writing of my life, hah.

I took those black and white photos in 10th of June 2015 when Mardis and I went to Helsinki to take graduation photos of her. It was freaking windy, so it was pretty hard to take a good photos. Also we didn't have actually any ideas, only that we wanted an urban background. Like usually I've been thinking very carefully what I want from photo shoots, but now I didn't. So yeah... Those are reasons why I didn't get actually any really good photo of Mardis. But here you have one, maybe the most successful photo.

I still have half of my holiday left. I think that I maybe should start to eat more healthily (more fruits probably) and maybe do some exercise, since horseback riding is not my hobby anymore. Yeah, maybe I should. But I don't want to do it because I must to do it. I want to do it because it would be fun. And not because I want to be skinny (I already am) or having more muscles. I just want to be healthy.