Okay. I asked almost a year ago if you are interested to see my own "kpop collection", lol. So... finally I would fulfill that post, because every time when I though that I would do this post I thought "Nah, I'll do it later, cuz I wanna buy this album X and that album Y at first". But well, here I am with my albums, photocards etc. And yeah, all my merchandises are from KPOPTOWN. Ah, it's like a heaven. I really can recommend that online store to you guys. But now, enjoy!

So, at the moment I've 19 CD's, some posters, one socks, so freaking many photo cards and 2 calendar. I had more CD's, posters and photo cards before, but I sell them because I didn't like them that much, haha. Nowadays I buy only albums which are from PLEDIS, but if there is some albums from other company's artists that I really like, I'll buy them as well.
I think that CD's in Korean online shops are actually pretty cheap. In Finland if you buy CD from market it's usually something like 20€ and what you get is only CD with information flyer and plastic cover, yay. If you buy CD from Korean online shop (in this case: KPOPTOWN) it costs 5 to 15€ and you get CD, usually photocard and designed CD cover with a little photobook.

I bought my first kpop albums in February 2013, if I remember it right. Of course those albums were from my ultimate bias group NU'EST. I bought their 1st single album Face, 1st mini album Action2nd mini album Hello (which was limited editon, and there was huge photobook, heh) and in addition NU'EST calender 2013. Yeah. I've always bought 3 to 6 albums at the same time, because after all you need to pay postages and it comes very expensive if you buy them one by one. But if you bought more than 6 at the same time, I think it comes too expensive then as well.

I'm fine with my collection now. Of course there is albums that I want... One of them are pretty old nowadays, so I can't find them from online stores anymore... And all those upcoming albums that I  don't even know, lol. One of them you can also buy if you've Japanese bank account, so that annoys me very much too.

But hey, do you have any questions? About kpop, good online stores, my collection..? Please leave a comment!

Photo 1: B.A.P 3rd mini album BADMAN, NU'EST 3rd mini album Sleep Talking (with autographs), Orange Caramel 3rd single album Catallena, After School First Love photo card Jung-A, B2ST Good Luck photo card Dujun, NU'EST Sleep Talking photo card Ren Aron JR, Trouble Maker Now poster.
Photo 2: HYUNA 3rd mini album A TALK, B2ST 2nd mini album Shock of the New Era, After School 5th maxi single Flashback, NU'EST calendar 2014, Orange Caramel Catallena & My Copycat photo card Lizzy, NU'EST Sleep Talking poster.
Photo 3: After School 6th maxi single First Love Jung-A ver., NU'EST special single I'm Bad, B2ST 6th mini album Good Luck, M.I.B 2nd album Maginot Line,  Trouble Maker 2nd mini album Chemistry, NU'EST Sleep Talking photo card Baekho Minhyun JR, B.A.P Daehyun socks, After School First Love poster.
Photo 4: NU'EST 1st single album Face, Kahi 2nd mini album It's me, NU'EST 1st full album Re:BIRTH, Trouble Maker 1st mini album Trouble Maker, NU'EST I'm Bad photo card Ren, Orange Caramel My Copycat poster.

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