Yeah, finally I can update my blog, because (at the moment) I don't have any school projects to do, yay! But maybe after saying this I'll get ten of them (lol), just my luck. And... yeah exam week is coming again, so maybe I should start to reading my psychology book and ethics book... I really hate those subjects (and Finnish too!), but at the same time I love a biology and a chemistry, haha.

I took these photos in 31st of December 2014, when I suddenly saw the moon through the window. And I think that they went out pretty well, even there were the window between me and the moon, lol.
Also, I've many photo shoot ideas of myself on my mind, but I need to find time to carry out them. It was last summer when you see my face on my blog last time, right? So yeah, maybe it really is time to take some photo shoots of myself again.

HELLOVENUS — Wiggle Wiggle

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