Photos was taken in 27th of December.
Model: Ino
About this photo shoot... Yeah, it's really taken in a library and the photo shoot was also a little bit awkward because of it. As you know, in the library is very quiet, even there is people. So it was very awkward when the sound came from camera while taking photos, haha. Even so I think it was really nice experience to taking photos in the library. Also, lighting was very yellow so that's why the photos are black and white. But yeah, I think it fits them well.
And... yeah. I still have photos in drafts, but I really don't know what I want to tell you, so the photos are waiting that I'll post them, haha. Also, my school started (after a vacation), so again I'll focus to school more (But don't worry, I'm still going to update my blog, but yeah.. school at first.).


  1. Nätti maknae~!! ♥
    Toi vika kuva varsinkin on ihana^^

    1. On se. ^^' ♥
      Munkin mielestä se on kivoin, ja noh, yleensä laitanki omasta mielestä sen parhaimman kuvan viimiseksi. :D