#034 NU'EST @ Helsinki, Finland

It's been a while since I posted last time... But yeah, the first thing what I want to tell to you is; some photos on this post isn't mine, so credits to the owners. And the reason for that is because taking photos wasn't allowed (yeah I'm talking to you who took photos, even it wasn't allowed, you motherfuckers).

Yeah, as you probably may have quessed by the title, my ultimate bias group (since their debut) NU'EST came to my homeland Finland on the 23rd of November 2014. It was like a dream, and I'm still wondering, if it even was reality. What exactly happened? So, on this post I'll tell you about the concert in Finland and... yeah. This is going to be a long post with my crappy English, so take your popcorns and enjoy.

Umm, okay. I don't know how to start my 'story'. Maybe I should tell to you guys something about my fangirling of NU'EST? So yeah, like I said, I've been their fan since their debut (2012) and they've also been my number one since then. It's like, I'm thinking of NU'EST everyday, talking about them with my friends, buying merchandises etc. etc. They're just everything to me. And if I can say, I wouldn't probably have all my precious friends without them. I don't know what I would be doing right now or if I was even alive? So yeah, I really mean it when I said that they're everything to me.

So being this big part in my life, they made an announcement about coming to Europe. TO EUROPE! Just what the fuck. And yeah — we Finnish L.O./\.Es made it! We got them to Finland. When I heard  they're coming to Finland, I cried my eyes off, I was trembling, and I couldn't breathe. My mom thought that someone had died when she saw me at that state, haha. But yeah, I was really shocked because of it.
And yes, I also got fansign + early entry tickets with my friend Ino when I bought tickets for us to the concert.

I really can't remember everything about the concert, but just some things... Yeah, so when they began with Judgement I was only thinking:
1) Holy poop, they really are that tall what the profiles tell (176-181cm).
2) Holy poop, they really are that handsome (it's not only photoshop, lmao).

And after Judgement cames some popular songs by them... And Aron was talking about snow and Ren also said "Minä rakastan sinua" ("I love you" in Finnish). They also said "moi" ('Hi' in Finnish), and yeah... I can't remember what else they're talking about, but just those things what they're going to say to anyway, lol. They also did fanservice like wipe the sweat from the face of each other (and Aron  showed us his abs, lol.)
Oh yeah, and I cried while 'Love without love' and 'Yeoboseyo'. I also cried my eyes off, when they showed Baekho's video message (man, why you're so cute??).

So yeah, the concert was awesome, boys were awesome... And the encore was also awesome. Since the boys went away from the stage, we began to shout out "NU'EST NU'EST we want more!" and we also raised our banners up. When they came back, they saw our "고마워요~!" banners (which EVERYONE in audience had) and... I think that they were impressed. So yeah... It was really amazing. And after that they sang 3 songs more.

And then it was over. Ok, just kidding. I had fansign ticket if you remember, haha.

So, after concert we who had the fansign ticket went to the back of the concert hall, where we waited for a moment. After waiting about quater we were allowed go to upstairs, where the boys were waiting for us.
And guess what? I was the first in the fansign!! So yeah, when I was walking over to the table, they were filming this video of Minhyun. Haha, yeah that's a cute and funny boy! I waited for them to stop the filming... And... Then the fansign began! And my brain really turned into English mode, like what the hell.

But yeah, at first was Minhyun:

Minhyun: "Moi!" ('Hi!' in Finnish) *smiling*
Me: *thinking what the hell is that language.. oh it's Finnish!* "Hi!"
Minhyun: *signing my album and smiling to me and watching into my eyes*
Me: *asdfghjkl so prettyy~*

Then there was JR:

JR: "Moi!" *smiling*
Me: "Hi!" *why are they talking to me in Finnish, wtf*
JR: *signing my album* "Kiitos!" ('Thank you!' in Finnish)
Me: "Thank you!" *Oh gosh, he's sooo cute!*
JR: *doing high-five with me and smiling and watching into my eyes*
Me: *asdfghjkl... Hey! I didn't touch Minhyun!! Noo!*

The next one was Ren:

Ren: "I love you" (or something like that... I can't remember it anymore...)
Me: *asdfghjkl... so prettyy... gosh...*
Ren: *signing my album and watching into my eyes*
Me: *asdfghjkl*
Ren: *holding my hand*
Me: *gosh I'm going to die*

At last, but really not least Aron:

Aron: "Hi!" *watching into my eyes*
Me: "Hi!" *gooooooosh my ultimate bias.... omfg*
Aron: *signing my album*
Me: "Can you draw something cute?"
Aron: "What?" *writing 'cute' to my album*
Me: "No, I mean draw to me something cute?"
Aron: "Oh, I'm so sorry!" *awkward*
Me: *asdfghjkl, that boy....*
Aron: *smiling to me*
Me: *desperately crabbing to his hand (which also was wrong hand, like my right hand on his left)*

And. Yeah.

After fansign I thought that I'm the happiest girl in the world. It felt like I was in a pink cloud. But the pink cloud changed to grey cloud when I stepped out of the concert place. Yeah, afterwards I only cried few days, cuz I missed them too much.
But yeah, I'm sure about that I'll meet them in the future too, cuz... well.. I never thought that I'll see them in Finland and after almost 3 years... So yeah, what I want to say is that: EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Really. Trust me.


  1. I remember that day so clearly and gooosh. You saw your ultimate bias omg it's crazy! And one jealous fangirl here! I couldn't touch them.. but next time I'll take the fansign ticket when Baekho comes too^^ haha that 'cute' is very cute there! ^_^

    btw you have really nice blog^^

    1. Yeah, I'm still thinking "what the fuck happened?"... And 'cute' is very cute indeed, haha.

      Aww thank you cutie~ ^o^'

  2. I HAD EXACTLY THE SAME FEELINGS! Really! Just like "Omg, they will be in Poland", "Omg, I will be on my ultimate band concert", "Omg, they are real", "So perfect", "asdfghjklove" and the others feelings! Ooh, so awesome!

    1. INDEED! The whole European tour was so absurd thing, that I can't even realize that I have met them... :D