So, the second (and last) part of my 'two different types of forest' posts. And again, photos were taken in last September (at the same time than the 'Magical Forest' photos). But yeah, this is my urban forest aka city with piece of nature. And umm... please note that the collage is three different photos, not one photo which is divided into sections. Again, let me know what photos are your favourite (and thank you for all the comments in the previous post)!

And by the way, do you like a new layout? I think that an old one was so boring and too grey, so that's why I made something more colorful, haha. Even my layout is colorful, these photos are black and white. I don't usually edit my photos to black and white, because I like colors, and I think that black and white is more like an effect, not a thing what you can put to all photos (if you understand what I mean). So to me, that colorless is the effect. 


  1. oo, tykkään ><
    varsinkin toi eka on ihana! (paitsi jostain kumman syystä mulla alko soimaan päässä balkanin jonna o.o)
    + ulkoasu on tooooosi kiva <3

    1. No me ylitettiin toi rata sillon Balkanin Jonnan iltana, ehkä siks? XD
      Mut kiitos paljon! ^^'